Are you good at marketing skills and want to generate some revenue using your skills? If “Yes” then here we got an opportunity for you. Apply for our affiliate program and start earning right after your selection.

Affiliate Marketing Packages

We got some stunning packages for our affiliates. Following are the affiliate marketing packages for you from Pak China Market Team:

1. Promote on Youtube :

Create a promotional video for our marketplace, share it on YouTube and get paid. The video must be up to certain standards and informative to the audience.

  • Video must contain minimum 100 words description and our website link in its description box below video section.
  • Must also comment an information about our website in the comment box of that video.
  • Video duration: Minimum 6 minutes.
  • Video views: Minimum 1000
    *Views must be organic and the audience must be Pakistani. No usage of bots or any other fake views getting website shall be found, otherwise, you’ll be instantly removed from our affiliate program without any warning.

We’ll pay you 150 PKR (approximately 1.35$) after you fulfill our conditions defined above in our package.

2. Promote on blog or website:

You can promote us by writing an article/post on your blog or website about our Pakistan China Market.

  • Article/Post must be informative and up to the point.
  • The content must be of good quality and completely explaining its cause of marketing.
  • Number of words: Minimum 300
  • Must contain minimum 3 Outbound links in your article/post about our website.

We’ll pay you 150 PKR (approximately 1.35$) after you fulfill our conditions defined above in our package.

3. Promote on Social Media:

We also got a social media promotion package for you. No matter if you’re not skilled enough to promote our marketplace on YouTube and Website, we have an easy method for you to earn money by promoting our content through your social media accounts.

  • Share our promotional post, video or Facebook page on E-commerce related groups and pages.
  • You can also share our products on social media platforms.
  • Your shared post must reach minimum 10 likes.
  • You shall not share the same post into one group more than one time per day.

We’ll pay you 2 PKR (approximately 0.02$) as Cost Per Share (CPS) after you fulfill our conditions defined above in our package.

4. Get store registered in our marketplace:

As you know many of the store owners and people want to sell their products online but due to lack of knowledge about online selling, they are unable to do that. We will appreciate if our affiliates guide the store owners and sellers to create their online store in our marketplace.

We will give revenue to our affiliate if any company or individual seller gets its store registered in our marketplace through that affiliate’s reference number. Affiliate will be granted 70% of the registration fee paid to us by that store owner in the first month.

Affiliate must remember that digital marketing doesn’t means spamming. So, do not use such strategies which may lead to the transformation of your creative work into just a spam content.

Affiliates will be paid between 1st to 10th date of the month after one month of their account approval. Minimum payment threshold is 500 PKR (approximately 4.51$). We’ll send your revenue through the payment gateway which is at ease to approach by our team and the particular affiliate.

If you liked any of our affiliate marketing packages and want to be an affiliate of Pak China Market, then fill the form given below:

*Must provide us with your authentic information. Fill the complete form without any hesitation or fear. We guarantee and assure you that your information will not be shared with others and will remain secure.

We will contact you within 7 days after your form submission if you’d be selected as our Affiliate.